Tonković Fantazija 2011

Tonković Fantazija 2011
November 19, 2017 Winelover

Tonković Fantazija 2011

I appreciate the hard work and dedication of every winery in this region to make good wine from some of our domestic or domesticated varieties of grapes. Even when the winery in its portfolio has wines from a single grape variety, which has the title of authentic, then it is to be applauded. Of course, this would be completely out of place if we are talking about wineries from Spain, Italy and even the Croatia, but when it comes to the country of Serbia and the local winery, then it sounds like a precedent.
One of the few such wineries in this region is the Winery Tonković from Subotica, whose owner decided that their vineyards cultivateing a single grape variety Kadarka. Until the middle of last century, this variety  was widespread in, what is now called, the Subotica wine-growing subregion. In the second half of the twentieth century, it has practically disappeared as a commercial grape variety, but thanks to foresight, enthusiasm and courage, and bit of a daredevil move (there is no success without risk) by the owner Tonković Winery, today we are able to taste and enjoy the wines from the same grape variety that was loved by the famous composer and pianist Franz Liszt. Wines from this winery fully reflect the local terroir, and it contributes to the fact that in wine making process the winery uses only the authentic yeasts found on Kadarka grapes themselves.


Vintage: 2011

Grape Veriety: Kadarka

In the glass, the wine is clear, bright ruby ​​red color
On the nose: The smell of ripe cherries and ripe black currant, discrete aroma of roasted coffee and slight hints of herbs

In the mouth: a gentle taste of ripe cherries, elegant, dry wine, light body, very mild tannin. Acids are, as expected,  not very high (5.3 g / l), but are less discreet than firstly expected. Probably due to the small amounts of residual sugars (2g / l).

Fully balanced wine with 13% alcohol and a pleasant, not lengthy ending.

Serving temperature of wine should not be higher than 16 ° C.

Wine for all occasions.