Prokupac Ivanović

Prokupac Ivanović
November 19, 2017 Winelover

Wine Prokupac Župa Ivanović Winery

Although it is believed that the top wines cannot be made from the variety Prokupac, the winery “Ivanović”, and its owner, Dragoslav Gaga Ivanović, broke those prejudices. By combining the experience and tradition of his ancestors with the modern technological achievements of winemakers from Burgundy, he produced the gorgeous prokupac of a modern style, that made a “confusion” on the wine scene of Serbia. For a long time, Gaga was synonymous with a good prokupac and with his perseverance and enthusiasm shrunk the way to his glory, encouraging, therefore, the other winemakers from Župa to go in a similar way.
Three years ago, Gaga dispelled another prejudice: that the prokupac does not have the potential for long aging. On the first (and only) great vertical tasting of his prokupac, it turned out that wines from 2003, and especially from 2004, to the “astonishment” of the present wine experts (including MW Jo Ahearne), and showed all the luxury and potential of this wine . Thus, Gaga denied professional literature which consider that prokupac can aging for up to 5 years.
Here, mainly, it was said about Dragoslav Gaga Ivanović, the owner of winery “Ivanović”, the legend of Župa’s enology, enthusiast, visionary, romantic, creative man, above all, although it was an idea of saying something about the wines of this Winery, because wines talk a lot about their author. It seems that is Gaga reverse case.