Experiment Prokupac

Experiment Prokupac
November 19, 2017 Winelover

Prokupac Experiment Župa Podrum Čokot Radovan

The “Decanted” Experiment Prokupac and the younger Radovan 100% Prokupac are wines for every respect.
They are created in the young and not big winery “Čokot”, Aleksandrovac, Župa. Its founder and owner is young doctor of science Radovan Đorđevic, one of the “young lions” of Serbian enology and its great trustworthy. This year winery “Čokot” won a silver medal for Experiment Prokupac 2015, at the most prestigious world wine evaluation Decanter World Wine Awards.
Radovan 100% Prokupac, is a novelty from this winery, premiered just at the First Prokupac Salon. This wine is produced exclusively from selected grapes from its own vineyards. It aged for 18 months in wooden drums and 5 months in a bottle.
Two great wines, stylish little different but very modern wines that have already won winelovers in Serbia